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Hey everyone!! This is Anand Kalyan from Chennai. I’m a passionate Digital Marketer and I have been in the digital marketing industry since 2015. Welcome to my blog!! Get all updates of digital marketing here. I’m a professional blogger, freelance content writer and digital marketing consultant. Stay tuned and subscribe to my blog to learn the latest stuff in digital marketing.

While the IT recession is at a peak, I came out from the college with my PG degree and joined in TCS support – TNHSP project. I had an exit from TCS and joined as an Assistant professor at Engineering college. After that, I have worked as an SEO Analyst, Digital Marketing Analyst in the startup companies. I also teach, speak about Digital Marketing.

I don’t know about anything except the basic terms in Digital Marketing when I landed in my first job at Digital Propel. On my interest, I started learning digital marketing and got an SEO Analyst offer from OneDot Media in 2016. I got an opportunity to work on live client projects directly which helped me to grow as a Digital Marketing Analyst with the team of 5-6 members.

I used to visit many blogs, articles regarding digital marketing and slowly started writing content on my own. The passion for content writing helped me to take many freelance projects and now I was signed up & delivering articles, website content to 3-4 companies. They are very much satisfied with my work and delivery travelling with me for 2 years. I also work as a digital marketing consultant in freelance for start-up companies.

I started my blog recently to share more information about Digital Marketing where also I used to write tips and strategies on digital marketing for my future reference.

I have plans to launch my digital marketing course online in the future to help freshers, beginners learn & grow in the digital marketing field.

Want to reach me? Email to – contact@anandhkalyan.com

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