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Bored During Quarantine? Build Your Unique Identity

Coronavirus has so far affected many individual lives and also the business. We are fighting towards the major threats and it already created a deep global recession everywhere. The economic sequences are getting worst daily and the lockdown might be extended based on the spreading of this deadly virus. Everyone should proud that many doctors, workers, policemen risking their lives fighting the pandemic & working in multiple shifts to save the lives of affected persons. I request everyone to be safe at home and let’s fight together with COVID-19.

Do you guys feel trapped inside at your home? Now quarantine becomes a necessary part of daily routines due to the spread of corona and many people are looking ways to pass the time by watching movies in Netflix, Amazon Prime and by scrolling the FB newsfeed and Instagram stories. Enough guys it’s time to stay productive under quarantine. Give your precious time to me to read this article and I will make it more interesting.

Are you active in Social Media?

“Social media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources”

  1. Don’t scroll the newsfeed unnecessarily and make the users scroll your newsfeed. Yes, make use of this quarantine and build a unique profile in Social Media.
  2. Build a rapport with your clients and prospects by sharing valuable information about the brand
  3. Join in different groups related to your business and build genuine relationships with your community
  4. Explore different automation tools and use them actively. Having the right tools in the business can make all the differences.
  5. Share your business story, sales story, entrepreneur story on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and be an inspirational leader.
  6. Share your family photos, memories on Instagram and it will establish an emotional connection with clients results in long term relationships.
  7. Video marketing is dominating the entire world and do you know 87% of online marketers are currently using video content in their digital marketing strategies. Source – HubSpot. Go live and record your daily routines and share them on social media.
  8. Speak about yourself and your business journey in a video and post it. Definitely it will trend in all social media and people start connecting you organically. It’s very hard but you can try it out for 2 mins video.

Are you a digital marketer?

“If you can’t find your own center and love for yourself, nothing else works – Personal Branding”

  1. For digital marketers, corona creates a huge opportunity to define your future. Stay home and be prepared with your working laptops and desktops.
  2. Create a unique profile in all social media. Update your profile name, profile picture, URL and everything which is required to market yourself.
  3. Create a free blog or paid blog in WordPress and start posting articles related to your expertise. Explore the plugins and learn more about the features of WordPress.
  4. Explore many automation tools from Google and learn something new daily. Share your learning in social media especially in LinkedIn and respond to the queries, comments to grow further.
  5. Start collecting your followers’ mail ids create a mailer campaign and share values daily.
  6. Create timely & relevant content and post it in your social media. Don’t look after the word count. Start working on it.
  7. Use Canva or any other image edit tools and create stunning images for your articles, blogs, social media profiles. You don’t need an advanced photoshop to edit images. LoL!!
  8. There are so many video editing tools in Google. It’s time to explore some of everything and enhance your editing skills. My all-time favorite is Lumen5 – Video Maker and Camtasia Studio for editing.
  9. Explore and create an account in freelancing websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer and more. Tell about yourself, showcase your achievements, works and pick up the orders.
  10. Attend webinars, seminars about digital marketing and try to grab the secrets from them. You can also do free online Google digital marketing certification that benefits your career.
  11. Optimize your LinkedIn profile and use it wisely. Do you know? Most of the freelancer is getting over the business through LinkedIn organic marketing. Want to know those secrets comment below.

Now, this is the time for all of us to be leaders and entrepreneurs. In the eye of the storm, it can be hard to see anything but chaos. The best defense is to do what is necessary to still be standing after the storm. So, keep learning, be active, stay healthy and stay home.




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