Craft Your LinkedIn Profile & Start Getting Noticed – Tips and Tricks

When was the last time you looked at your LinkedIn profile? LinkedIn is one of the most population growing network in recent days and it helps you to connect with your industry experts easily. It has 675 million active users and 30 million companies are registered their presence on LinkedIn. Source –  What are the benefits you will get if you sign up LinkedIn?

  1. It helps you to connect with professionals
  2. It helps you to create your professional brand.
  3. It opens the door of opportunities and gives you the ability to showcase your brand/profile.
  4. It helps you to gain more exposure among recruiters.

Likewise, there are a lot of benefits to signing up for a LinkedIn profile. Now it’s time to optimize your profile. There are a lot of things you can do to convert your LinkedIn profile into a lead generation platform for your business, but along that journey, there are several checklists to follow.

Update Your Profile Section:

Intro Section – Give a short intro about yourself and use the intro to highlight your skills, capture your visitor’s attention and make it interesting to learn more about you. Your profile picture is your calling card on LinkedIn and the right background photo helps your page to stand out and engage attention.

About Section – This section is like a professional bio and extended version of Intro. Use this field and tell about yourself, your area of interest and what makes you tick.

Tip of the day – A customized URL will increase your search results, make it easier to direct people to your LinkedIn profile

Featured Section – This section provides you with the opportunity to showcase your samples of work such as posts, articles, website links or any photo, video presentations to people who view your LinkedIn profile.

Background & Skill Section –   Tell your own story such as work experience, education qualification and details, certification details and volunteer experience if any. Updating your skills is very important for your career and also it will add value to your LinkedIn profile

Accomplishment Section – Showcase your published works, projects, courses here in this section. If you earned any awards, reward shares those recognition and give weightage to your profile.

Optimize your LinkedIn profile now and share it in the comments below. LinkedIn can connect you with opportunity, but only if you’re prepared.

  1. Share a post regularly in LinkedIn and engage users by providing valuable content, images, videos or presentations
  2. Check My Network regularly and accepts the invitation. It helps you to build your professional network and the connections as well.
  3. Check out your colleagues, friends’ profiles on LinkedIn and give requests. If they don’t have a LinkedIn profile educate them about the benefits of having a LinkedIn profile. Also, give a request to the people who are in the same domain which helps you to grow your skills and knowledge.
  4. There is one section in LinkedIn “People Also Viewed”. Day by day many people will come and check your profile once you started posting on LinkedIn. You can also give a request to those people who viewed your profile.
  5. Get connected to relevant groups and follow the most popular brand, hashtags to get updated information daily.
  6. If you’re are looking for the job change make use of the LinkedIn Jobs section. Manage your job alerts, apply to the relevant jobs mentioned in those sections. LinkedIn itself will bring out the job application for you based on your profile.
  7. Do chat regularly with your connections. Get & share the knowledge regarding your niche and expertise your skills.
  8. Share your comments to the valuable post, articles and reshare it in your wall by tagging the author. The secret of building your network on LinkedIn is based on your engagement.

Tip – Do you need to know updated information in your field then go to Search -> Content -> Give relevant keywords and search. 

For example, if you search for “Digital Marketing” it will show you the latest posts, videos, images, articles in digital marketing. Job seekers use this opportunity and check the latest jobs in the digital marketing field.

How often you guys are editing your resume? What’s your reaction if someone updates your resume daily? Yes, there is an option on LinkedIn for “Resume Building”. Go to profile, click more and select “Build a Resume”. LinkedIn will provide you the updated resume based on your profile.

Wrapping up:

Use all the features of this powerful social media and it will help you paint a compelling picture of who you are in the real world.



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