Don’t Spend Much On Ads – Organic Social Media Tips & Strategy

For many businesses, this is a tough situation, and it is necessary to bounce back and stay connected with your audiences. Social media is a great platform to connect with your targeted audiences but are you using it properly now in this pandemic situation? Small companies are struggling to prepare social calendars for their clients, and they are scrambled with new creative ideas to market their products, services, or personal brand. Do you know? Social media usage has been increased due to COVID-19, but how you should use social media effectively for your business to increase sales revenue—worrying about your clients? The below steps will guide you to the right solution.


Prepare a social media calendar for your business and plan during this lockdown. Mix up your schedule with below activities

  1. A short article about your products/services
  2. Conceptual creatives
  3. Minimal concept creatives about your products
  4. Testimonials/Feedback
  5. A short story about you as well as your business
  6. Videos about your products/services

Likewise, plan the calendar for the entire month and start posting in social media to build brand awareness. Don’t look into numbers of likes, comments, or shares. Just post!!


Not having enough funds to spend on Ads? No problem!! It’s time to build your network on social media. Increase your social media followers organically by using the below techniques

As I said previously, just post and be active in all social media. Also, respond to all customer queries whichever you missed.

Execute contest, polls, quiz, games in social media, especially on Facebook, apart from promoting your products or services. It will help you to engage with new audiences and invite them to like your page.

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On Instagram use relevant trending hashtags in all the posts & content to connect with new peoples. To find trending hashtags go to Instagram, type your hashtags in the search bar, buy twitch followers and check the post count. Also, you can use the hashtags from the below search based on trending post count. Also, learn how to use links inside your Instagram efficiently to increase website traffic.


Tips – Follow the top verified profiles on Instagram for one week. Their followers will like your page, and it is one of the tricks to increase Instagram followers. You can unfollow them later.

In Twitter, the hashtags and timings play a significant role to increase your followers. Try to write a post or stories which are relevant to the current situation, use trending hashtags, and schedule it at the right time. If you own a twitter business page, then follow the verified brand and if you are promoting the personal brand, then connect with all persons by sending invites.

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In Pinterest, optimize, and re-arrange your boards with catchy titles. Create a stunning image in pins and redirect the user to your website. To refer your competitors, use the search bar, and enter your keywords.


In the LinkedIn search bar, start typing your keywords and select content to view the latest posts, job, content, video about your keywords. Follow the professionals and brands to increase your exposure. Hashtags and content presentation are essential. Create a unique hashtag for your business and start using it in your feed, for example. Follow my LinkedIn profile – and to see my posts follow #akshares. Craft and build your own LinkedIn business profile to enhance branding.


YouTube branding is the future of digital marketing. Create your own YouTube channel and build video assets. These video assets will help you to drive sales organically. You can create

Video about your products/services

  1. 2D animation video
  2. 3D animation video
  3. Product specification videos
  4. Testimonial videos
  5. Educational Videos such as how to use your products, where to get your products
  6. Convert your blog articles into videos
  7. Event videos

Kickstart your channel immediately using the above ideas. There are many free, paid online tools to create simple stunning videos. You can also hire a video freelancer, and it is recommended to build your video assets. Don’t forget to do YouTube SEO for all your videos.

The best way to drive traffic, conversions, it is crucial to optimize your social media channels. Don’t wait for the budget to spend on ads in this COVID-19 situation, but you can use the above methods efficiently to increase social followers at this time. Be in touch with your targeted customers through Messenger, WhatsApp & Mailer, and improve your sales graph organically through social media.

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