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Facebook Ads & Guerrilla Marketing Techniques – Think Outside the Box

Marketing is the most common buzz word used by all businessmen from start-ups to multinational companies. Marketing trend has been changing continuously and it is mandatory to stay ahead in the race, especially in this pandemic situation. Traditional marketing is outdated. However, many companies are still looking for it to promote their brands. It’s time to change and implement killer strategies to turn the tide and defeat the competitors.

When classic strategies do not work for your business, try out the trend. It’s a great alternative to traditional marketing and it entirely depends on thinking and creativity. The success of your brand depends on your communication and presentation. Brand awareness is essential and people should admire your artistic sense buy facebook followers. The surprising factor is the ultimate key to Guerrilla marketing. As per source Hub Spot – the term itself was created in the early 1980s by the late business writer Jay Conrad Levinson, who wrote several books about guerrilla tactics in some professional areas.

Do you know that Guerrilla marketing tends to be cheaper than traditional marketing? The launch of your product/services should create a massive impact on your targeted audience. There are different types of Guerrilla Marketing.

  • Outdoor Guerrilla Marketing
  • Indoor Guerrilla Marketing
  • Event Ambush Guerrilla Marketing
  • Experiential Guerrilla Marketing
  • Viral Marketing

Sidewalks creatives, Street art creatives are the best examples of outdoor guerrilla marketing.

Indoor Guerrilla marketing occurs in a public location such as train stations, shops, campus, building, and so on.

Conducting events, games, fun activities in a noticeable way to promote their brand is Event ambush Guerrilla marketing.

Making the public to interact with your brand by applying all the above techniques is called Experiential Guerrilla Marketing.

Make a concept or show that would go viral among the audience. Publicize your brand there and make customers remember your brand.

So, how about the implementation of guerrilla marketing into Facebook? Most marketers are incorporate lead generation tactics in Facebook ads, email marketing to target their specific audience. Facebook marketing has the power to find out the targeted audience, allowing people to react instantly to your brand. You can collect the information easily from the audience directly from Facebook through lead ads without redirecting them to the site. Most of the business is into Facebook marketing, but they lack in creativity. We can identify the creativity pulse of the people through Facebook. Follow the below rules and implement the Guerrilla marketing strategies into the Facebook ads to make viral.

  1. Know your competitors. Identify the right competitors and see how they are promoting their brand. Mocking their brand with funny creatives is an excellent way to make your campaign viral, and most of the big brands are now following the same. People will start looking at you and increase your potential audience through different viral campaigns.
  2. Think outside the box – Don’t sell your products directly on Facebook. Customers will get bored seeing the same ads multiple times. Apply the guerrilla effects here. Capture the people’s attention to your brand by doing something different. Don’t write content and share some interesting, unusual photos, videos, quotes that aren’t directly linked to your company, but it will create interest among your targeted audiences. The extraordinary Facebook marketing will work and make your brand noticeable with trending concepts.
  3. Viral Video Campaign – Video marketing is always on the list of trending topics where people like to watch videos on Facebook. Tik Tok is an excellent platform allowing people to showcase their creativity. Create an unusual video about your brand and reach your targeted audience through Facebook campaigns.
  4. Facebook Live Stream – Are you doing an event or flash mob? Capture those trending Guerrilla marketing strategies and integrate them into Facebook marketing to see the magic. You can live stream the location of your guerrilla marketing tactic on Facebook so your audience can see how passersby reacted.
  5. Eye Catching Creatives – Do something daily on your Facebook wall. Add some creativity to your regular banner and make people engage with your feed. Matching the current trending concepts with your brand is an excellent way to increase your followers. Example – AMUL brand.

The powerful advertisement has a value and alerts the passengers, visitors with new visuals, something unique. Many big brands such as Snap chat, McDonald, Nike, Snickers, etc. are started integrating their Guerrilla Marketing strategy into Ads. Why not you?

Invest in Facebook wow factor ads and capture the attention of the audience in creative ways. Your company is more recognizable and becomes that much more likely to be the first choice that comes into a consumer’s mind.

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