Facebook Business Page Optimization Free Checklist – Step by Step Guide

Facebook is the most popular tool to build awareness for yourself and as we all know that it’s free of cost. Facebook is used by more than half of the world’s online population and it has become a part of our routine. Million of business around the world depends on Facebook to connect their target audiences. So why not you? There are many sites in Google conveying the benefits of Facebook and now here you going to get some useful information about the Facebook business pages and how to optimize it. Have a few mins read and keep your Facebook business page open and start optimizing it.

Create a Facebook Business Page

To create a page, you should select the category properly based on your business niche.


  1. If you going to showcase your products or services then select business or brand category.
  2. If you plan to start a community, organization, groups select community or public figure category.

Optimize your Facebook Business Page

  1. Username should be unique and it should convey about yourself or your business.
  2. Templates and Tabs should be organized based on the business category. Settings->Templates & Tabs. You can edit or rearrange the tabs from the list.
  3. About Us, information such as General description, Contact, Location, Hours, Products, Privacy Policy should be provided neatly to understand about you and your business.
  4. Set your brand logo as a profile picture and video cover is the most appreciable nowadays and it is trending too. If you running an offer then highlight those products in cover to increase your sale numbers organically.
  5. Call to action button is very important and it should be relevant based on your business
  6. Tell a short story about yourself or business in the story column (Right side) and highlight it with stunning images.
  7. Set the visitor post, messages and, tagging ability status properly to stay away from Spam. Go to Settings->General->Visitor posts, Messages & Tagging ability
  8. Do you need automatic translation to be enabled for the users who read other languages? If yes turn it on from Settings->General->Translate Automatically
  9. Don’t miss out any users who visited your Facebook Page. Greet them and set automated customized responses, greeting messages to engage even at offline. Also, you implement Facebook messenger on site. We will discuss in detail about the Facebook Messenger Chatbot in next article. Go to Settings->Messaging
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  11. Are you the owner of the page? Is your partner asking for the page access to publish videos, images? Then go to settings->page roles->Assign a new page role. There are different types of roles – Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, Analyst and Custom.
  12. Connect your Facebook and Instagram page and manage it from one place. Go to settings->Instagram->Give details about Instagram Business Page.
  13. Tip – If you run Ads on your Facebook page then it will automatically reach your ads on Instagram page too when your pages are interconnected.
  14. It’s easy to connect Facebook Page and your WhatsApp business account. Show people your number send people to WhatsApp from ads. Settings->WhatsApp->Connect your account.
  15. Do you feel difficulties in handling multiple pages of the same niche? Facebook is providing cross-posting features and it allows you to post videos on other pages. Settings->Cross posting->Add Page.
  16. If you running an e-commerce site then enable the tab shop now from Settings->Templates and Tabs->Shopping. Once you enabled it will redirect to the Facebook shopping cart where you can add all your products with rates, description and images. Redirect the user directly to the respective products page and the chance of conversion is high.
  17. If you need to delete a page then go to Settings->General->Remove Page

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