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How to Add Links in Instagram Story & Posts – Free Guide

The world is changing right now with this pandemic situation and many business owners are looking forward to connecting their customers online through various platforms. Instagram – This photo social platform is getting bigger in recent days and do you know that 500 million peoples are using Instagram stories every day. As per the source, the users are spending an average of 28 mins per day on Instagram.

Instagram is also a great platform to pick leads for your business. While promoting the business in Instagram you can’t able to use links inside the description. In this article, you going to learn how to add links in Instagram story & posts to drive more website traffic from Instagram also you’ll find ways to share the website links on your Instagram posts and profile.

Instagram Bio Link:

Instagram bio is the place where you can say more about yourself and also it provides an opportunity to include your website link. But you can’t able to use multiple links inside the description. Say for example If I need to share the articles regularly on Instagram, I have to change my bio link daily.  This is a tedious process.

There will be a solution to every problem!!

Yes!! You can use multiple links in the Instagram profile using the Linktree tool. This tool will help you to redirect the user from Instagram with multiple links.

Step 1 – Go to and create an account with your Gmail id.

how to add links in instagram story

Step 2 – Verification to be done from your Gmail Id to access further

Step 3 – Click Add new link and give title, URL of respective pages which you have plans to target.

Instagram links

Step 4 – You can change the appearance, colors, and organize the view of Link Tree Preview.

Instagram URL

Step 5 – Check the right top corner for the link and share it in your Instagram Bio.

Instagram URL

Your preview will be:

Instagram URL Preview

Tip – Don’t search for any third-party tools to upload pictures on Instagram. Log in to Chrome Browser, Log in to Press F12 & then F5 to load a mobile view. Now Instagram post is so easy to do from your PC.

There is one more tool from Later to add a link in bio. Here they allowing you to include video links, photo carousels, and even Shopify integrations. They have a free limited version and also the paid ones.

Instagram Story Link:

Clickable links are available to business profiles that have 10,000 followers on Instagram. After uploading the picture in the Instagram story click the link icon at the top to include to place your URL.

Swipe up instagram

instagram swipe up

There are no tracking metrics for the clickable links in the Instagram story so you can use a short URL from or to track your traffic.

Include a call to action such as “Swipe Up Instagram” to See More”, “See More” to attract the audience tends to click your website.

Instagram Shoppable Links:

Instagram shopping will provide an opportunity to create links in Instagram shoppable posts and stories. To use shopping tags start creating your product catalog on the Facebook shop. Once you have uploaded all products with links, images, and description you can start adding shopping tags to your Instagram posts. Your account must be approved for Instagram shopping to feature products in posts and stories.

Instagram IGTV Links:

Instagram video feed IGTV allows you to include links in the description of each IGTV post. You can also check the insights of your video. Click three dots to view the menu and check the metrics from “View Insights”. Create a short video about your business on IGTV regularly to drive more traffic.

instagram igtv

Use your Instagram business account creatively and effectively to increase website traffic and improve conversion as well by including your website links with the help of the above methods.

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