How to Earn Money Through LinkedIn & Personal Branding

LinkedIn is a great platform to build your personal brand. Although different social media platforms have their unique features, LinkedIn is the most powerful and recommended one. In this article, I’m going to reveal the secret – How to earn money through LinkedIn. Many companies have started laying off and job security is questionable in the current pandemic situation. Do we have an alternative? Yes, we do. Starting your own personal brand and getting freelance projects from social media, especially through LinkedIn is a smart way to manage your financial crisis.

  1. Create a killer profile on LinkedIn. Once done, don’t forget to optimize it.
  2. Post informative content related to your niche at least twice a week.
  3. Choose one particular niche and keep posting stories, images, tips, strategies and more about the niche.
  4. Use the LinkedIn featured section like a pro to showcase your skills, awards and achievements.
  5. Build your network with relevant connections related to your niche. Send a personalized message to all the new connections.
  6. Stay in the current trend and keep sharing the latest trends in your niche to get new connections.
  7. Like, comment and share the great post in your feed and tag that respective person.
  8. Make people view your profile daily by updating it’s content regularly.
  9. Follow great people in your niche and keep learning new things.
  10. Follow relevant hashtags, create your own hashtag and make people catch out your posts easily.
  11. Accept incoming connections and do reply in a private message to acknowledge.

If you start implementing the above points on LinkedIn, it is likely that more people will start viewing your profile. Businessmen, CEO, Managers and Human Resource persons are very active on LinkedIn which will help in getting opportunities quickly. If you have a blog, start writing articles and share it on LinkedIn. The call to action is very important. Avoid sale-oriented contents and follow “Give value and Get Value” to grab more opportunities. Create/join in different groups and grow your mailing contacts by announcing webinars, videos, training materials and free content giveaways.

Optimize your profile frequently and have a professional headshot – cover image and profile picture. Instead of sharing text content, post exciting videos which is the best way to increase your YouTube and LinkedIn followers. Hashtags are vital. Don’t stuff the hashtags and ensure that it is completely relevant to your posts. Encourage affiliate marketing as it is an ultimate source of earning money.

Prepare a proposal/website in advance and send personal emails and private messages on LinkedIn to those searching for freelance requirements. Search for a professional freelancer and establish a connection to get projects. Share your project results after approval from the respective client to get more projects in the same niche. Customize your portfolio as per project requirements and do not expect high income during the initial phase.

My Kutty Story:

I started using LinkedIn 4 years back with only seven connections. Over the next three years, I worked on building my network and have reached 4K connections. With the help of connections on LinkedIn, I got more projects in content writing, SEO and website designing. I left my job recently and started freelancing in digital marketing. My subject knowledge, LinkedIn profile, own blog and website helped me in getting projects during this pandemic. I earned about 60k in just three months. Also, I have given projects and helped my friends too. Personal branding is an art. If you haven’t started it yet, it is never too late. You are in the right moment to kick it off.


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