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Everyone has their website to sell your products or services but did you get expected leads from your website? Ask this question to yourself guys and let’s talk about some of the useful tips and tricks about website optimization and how to drive conversion.

Every business owner, entrepreneurs having their website to promote their services. Do you know one thing the website is the key and it going to be the lead machine for your business. Guys pen down the points and implement these things to your website for better conversion of leads.

  1. Optimize your website for mobile users. Everyone has their smartphone around 3.5 billion people using smartphones and 45.04% of people have smartphones in the hand. Quite interesting isn’t it. So, the first step is to check whether your website is responsive to mobile or not.
  2. Content is the key for conversion. Give values to people with the help of your content as well as the search engine. To increase the bounce rate of your website, make people stay at your website for long with the help of engaging content.
  3. Don’t fill your website with paragraphs. Use videos, images, text, and some infographics which helps to drive more traffic to your website.
  4. The testimonial is the hero section. Include video testimonials on your website to improve the credibility of your business.
  5. The contact form should be placed in the top with the highlighted header slide. Your website should convey the hero message about your products or services. It should be precise and clear.
  6. Don’t miss out on any of your audiences who visited the website. Collect all leads through chatbot even when you are offline. Define the flow chart of chatbot properly based on the customer requirements
  7. Did your website is optimized with SEO factors? Header Tags such as H1, H2, H3 Tags, Title, Description, Proper URL, 301 redirection, 404 pages, analytics code and more to be checked.
  8. Proper usage of keywords in your website content results in better ranking in Google. At the same time, the targeted keywords should not be stuffed into the website.
  9. Keep a blog on your website and start posting articles related to business.
  10. Write success stories, learnings, employee’s stories in the blog section and make the user more comfortable with your website.
  11. Update your website content regularly and do on-page optimization for the targeted page and make Google cache your website by submitting the sitemap at Search Console.

Do I miss anything comment your points below? A well-optimized website is definitely the key to generate leads for your business. Any queries comment below or you can drop me a mail




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